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The experience:

It was simply great to travel abroad to go to a fair as tö collective. We were so excited that we were the very first exhibitors to arrive at the venue, the amazing Tour et Taxis building along the canal. We enjoyed setting up our table and were really happy how it looked. The combination of our works looks good to us and it only confirms that getting together and founding tö collective was such a good idea!

The Organisation

We were welcomed at the airport the day before the beginning of the fair, and then were warmly greeted by organiser Philippe Marchal on the day and given our amazing spot. What we loved about the Fair is that it is not trying to be something it is not. It has a perfect size, it is very well organised in a beautiful venue, it is free for visitors and asks for a very reasonable participation fee from exhibitors. No huge advertising, it’s true … but we found it pretty clever from organiser Philippe Marchal to, instead of investing huge amount of money into advertising (and therefore having to rise participation fees for exhibitors), set up the event at the same place and dates than Belgium’s Book Fair. This allowed to take advantage of the fact that 70.000 people came to the same Tour & Taxis precinct for the Book Fair, giving them a chance to discover the specialised world of the Artist Book or simply making it easy for people to visit both fairs in one day.

The Fair as Exhibitors

The outcome of the fair was for us a great success. What we loved the most is that people were stopping and asking us loads of questions. We had great conversations with the public and co-exhibitors; we loved how people took the time to look at the different books. They weren’t in a hurry; they were at the fair to enjoy it…

Our tö book was a “bestseller”. The prints on its cover attracted the eyes and we were so happy to explain the project and who we were.
Our Lyme Project had some interest …but not as much as we would have liked it to have. In Belgium, many people know the disease because it is very common but we have a feeling that maybe the “Artist Book” is very much linked to more poetical or romantic subjects and that this Project is something pretty different in the Artist Book “world”. Different is not negative, it will just need a little more time…

The Fair as Visitors

Of course, we took turns to visit the rest of the stands. We discovered amazing artists, amazing print makers, silk screeners, pop-up bookmakers. We will dedicate a post to our favourites very soon. Keep in touch!

Some pics about the Salon du livre d’artiste de Bruxelles Histoires de livres!

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