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The joy of monotypes

One of the first steps of this project has been using a very basic Monotype technique to generate ideas, compositions and textures. We love the simplicity and the freedom of monotypes. A flat surface (glass is the best), a pot of water based ink (Easier to clean), a printmaking roller, tools to make marks and different kinds of pieces of papers, these are the materials we need. We start by laying the ink on the glass surface with the roller, making sure we end up with an even layer. We then place gently the paper on that layer of ink and with pens, brushes, the pressure of our fingers, we start to mark the paper. The fact that we can’t see the result before we gently take the paper away from the glass, allows us to work with total freedom, with no fear and we get surprising results. It is fast and easy. We find it perfect and fun to start off this project and it is giving us loads of ideas on kind of papers we will use, images we will create and texture we will use on the pages of the final project.

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