Catherine Lemaire

Catherine Lemaire (1983), Belgian visual artist, based in Barcelona since 2011. I took the Fine Art Painting degree at University of Brighton from which I graduated in 2007. With the aim to broaden my skills, I trained as a Graphic Designer in Belgium .

I have found through the artist book a way of transferring a little more the essence of the working process of a piece of art to the public. I believe that the “touching, picking up, turning pages and manipulating” are key elements in order to reduce the space between the artist and the viewer.

I like manipulating materials to create textures and shapes and let the paper (together with text and illustrations if any) tell the story.

Sylvia Gutiérrez

Sylvia Gutiérrez Sánchez (1984). Photographer and graphic designer/web.

I enjoy working with my hands, using my computer, trying new techniques, meeting artists from different branches, seeing their work, learning from them, listening to music while I work. I like the inspiration created by sound. I love the street, the people in it, watching, the sound, I like to break the monotony.

I lived 15 years in Barcelona and 15 years in Costa Rica, where I currently reside. I used to work as photojournalist and graphic/web designer for different companies, now I currently work by freelance.