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We are working on our first project, which is based on Lyme disease.

Why Lyme? For many years, a friend has been sick without knowing what was happening with her, 10 years without knowing what was wrong with her body, with her mind. Finally, a doctor detected that was Lyme. We were talking and we saw that we had people in common affected by this disease, a father and two friends.

We’re talking about misdiagnosed disease, uninformed. A disease that if it’s not treated, and the most important, not detected, can have serious consequences. Effects like loss of memory, muscle pain, vision problems, loss of speech, chronic fatigue… and it’s transmitted by a tick…

We’re investigating the cases that we know and building a story. We want to show through an artist’s book, the consequences and experiences of people affected by Lyme.

Here’s the progress of materials and ideas.

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