Lyme is based on a story of a girl battling against Lyme disease. We had a common interest in working on this theme because we both have very close friends and relatives who have suffered or are still suffering from Lyme. With this Artist book, we want to turn the hardness of the subject into a positive emotion, hope!

The process of work itself was divided in three stages:

1) First of all, we created the story basing ourselves on true testimonials. We decided to divide the story into 2 parts: The left accordion (Black and White) illustrates the uncertainty, the stress and the research of an accurate diagnosis while the right accordion (Color) starts once the diagnosis has been set, when hope and light enters the story.

The story doesn’t really end, it is an ongoing battle, but the protagonist has found a new strength to reintegrate the society.

The little girl on the last page can be stuck back onto page two from page 11, symbolizing her reinsertion in a every day “normal” life.

2) The second stage of the work consisted into creating the visuals. We worked with Monotype technique for the illustration before scanning them to be able to add them to the textured background we created digitally using photos and images.

3) The last stage involved post printing interventions and book biding. We added decorative elements which had a metaphorical meaning such as wire and thread around words stressing their importance, cutouts allowing light in, tracing paper overlaying words symbolizing one of the symptoms of the disease: double vision.

We have done so far a edition of 10 copies. Each one of them measures 14cm x 12cm (closed) and 12cm x 161cm (open)