We founded tö collective in 2014. After having worked side by side since we met in 2013 during an illustrated books workshop, we realized it would be interesting to work as a team and discover what would come out of the union of our different styles.


tö is the Bribrí (an indigenous language from Costa Rica) word for Print.
A term that defines what we want to achieve: show, point out, mention.

Print \ˈprint\

1. Mark that a man or an animal leaves after having stepped on the earth.

2. Trail, trace, sign, vestige left by someone or something.

3. Deep or lasting imprint.

4. Hint, sign of a past event.
5. Hint, mention, allusion.

Catherine Lemaire

Catherine Lemaire (1983), Belgian visual artist, based in Barcelona since 2011. I took the Fine Art Painting degree at University of Brighton from which I graduated in 2007. With the aim to broaden my skills, I trained as a Graphic Designer in Belgium .
I have found through the artist book a way of transferring a little more the essence of the working process of a piece of art to the public. I believe that the “touching, picking up, turning pages and manipulating” are key elements in order to reduce the space between the artist and the viewer.
I like manipulating materials to create textures and shapes and let the paper (together with text and illustrations if any) tell the story.


Sylvia Gutiérrez Sánchez

Sylvia Gutiérrez Sánchez (1984). Photographer and designer.  It is difficult for me to describe myself as something specific, I am a very flexible and versatile person. I like to enjoy and above all learn from the different moments and creative processes. Thus breaking the monotony.
I am Costa Rican, where I lived for 22 years, 14 years in Barcelona, and I currently reside in Menorca.
I am passionate about everything related to handmade, conceptualization and communication of brands and image.



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